Tandora is a SaaS app, which will be the first of its kind app built out of India that helps you to post product updates, change log, notifications, alerts and much more to your customers. With the simple sleek UI, labels, customisations and a personalised Tandora page you will be able to create categories and post updates under each category and embed them into your website. Most suitable for SMEs and small startups with the use cases ranging from updates and changelogs from product companies, deals and offers from e-commerce platforms, updates from blogs, announcements from websites and much more. Let's Tandora!


Embeding a blog into a website is Easier Than Ever

  • Create and embed on blogs on your website.
  • Easier to integrate into your website.
  • Completely customizable.

Post Deals

Post new deals and offers to your customers.

  • Easily publish/unpublish a deal.
  • Publish a deal and closely monitor the deal performance.
  • Evaluate metrics and decide further course of action.

Analytics Control Panel

Analytics control panel is important for every marketing team so it's beed implemented from the begging and designed to produce reports based on very little input information.

  • If you set it up correctly you will get acces to great intel
  • Easy to integrate in your websites and landing pages
  • The generated reports are important for your strategy


Startup plan
Yearly / User